imou cue 2

IMOU Cue 2 | Smart Wifi Camera



1080P wi-Fi Camera

With 1080P Full HD live monitoring and two-way audio, Cue 2 lets you stay in touch with your family. Human
Detection quickly finds human targets in images and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone,
allowing you to monitor what matters without receiving annoying false alerts.

imou cue 2

IMOU Cue 2 | Smart Wifi Camera

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Spesifications Imou Cue 2 :

  • H.265 1080P Full HD
    See more than 720P
  • Human Detection
    Quickly find human targets in you
  • Built-in Siren
    Scare stangers away from your
  • Abnormal Sound Alarm
    Sends alerts to your smartphone when
    it detects abnormal sound
  • Alarm Notification
    Sends instant alerts to your mobile
    phone when an event is detected
  • 24/7 Protection
    Excellent night vision,
    feel safe even in complete darkness
  • Diversified Storage
    Supports NVR, Cloud Storage or Micro
    SD card (up to 256GB)
  • Two-way Talk
    Communicate with family and pets
  • Wi-Fi Connection


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